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Interview with Executive Director Wayne Cozart

Academic Impressions is a national news organization that serves thousands of colleges and universities targeting issues impacting higher education. The Jefferson Trust was recently highlighted as a unique approach to fund innovative, growth-minded strategies and exciting new projects that has the added benefit of engaging alumni and parents in a very deep and meaningful way.

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Student Grant Profile - Daedalus Helps Engineering Students

In the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, undergraduate students are expected to declare a major in spring semester of their first year. In an effort to allow underclassmen to make more informed decisions within the engineering program, engineering students developed the Daedalus Project.

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Giving Was Just the Beginning

Alumnus and donor John Harris (COM '82) recently participated in a panel of pan-University supporters, where he described the Trust as a "unique model across the country."

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Co-Create Mirrors Mr. Jefferson's Vision for the Academical Village

The program helps to provide dialogue between students and professors to enhance teaching and learning on grounds.

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The Jefferson Curating Society – The Virginia Magazine

A grant to the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society was recently the subject of a Virginia Magazine article. Read the full article here.

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Wayne Cozart
Executive Director, Jefferson Trust
PO Box 400314
Charlottesville VA 22904
434-243-9000| Email: jeffersontrust@virginia.edu
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