October 28, 2015  


VIDEO: UVA’s Seagrass Restoration Paying Off for Eastern Shore

Seagrasses, once nearly vanished from Virginia’s seaside bays, are making a comeback, thanks to the restoration work and research of UVA environmental scientists. More >



New Company to Produce Water-Disinfecting Tablets Invented at UVA

Dedicated to global public health, a technology transfer company with roots at UVA has opened in Charlottesville. Its aim: make clean water widely available at very low cost. More >




Fourth-year student James Cassar is driven. A writer and editor for multiple publications as well as a record label owner, he’ll add “UVA alumnus” to the list in December. More >



What’s Behind the New UVA Today

Beginning today, the University has a refreshed venue to tell its stories, giving you new ways to see and experience what is happening on Grounds and how those developments affect the world at large. More >


UVA in the News

Faculty Fighting Back

UVA law professor Richard Bonnie says Americans don’t have an absolute right to own a gun, citing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia who, in 2008, stressed government can impose limits. More >

New York Times
Urging Students to Apply to College, New York City Will Make SAT Free for Juniors

UVA’s Benjamin L. Castleman said participation tends to be much higher when taking part is the default. That same principle, he said, can be applied to college entrance exams. More >

The Street
If Donald Trump Was President, Here’s What Would Happen to the U.S. Economy

A number of industries that depend heavily on cheap immigrant labor would be devastated. “There would be an abrupt drop in farm income and a sharp rise in food prices,” UVA economist James McLaren said. More >



“Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson on “The Challenges of Policy Change: US-Cuba Relations,” noon-1 p.m., Garrett Hall


“The Other End of the Stethoscope,” Marcus Engel, 12:30-2 p.m., McLeod Hall Auditorium, 2015 Zula Mae Baber Bice Memorial Lecture


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