June 2017  



Dear Colleague:

This update introduces the new Athletics Marks section; Cavalier Orange, an Athletics-specific addition to the color palette; and business card designs with room for longer titles.


Athletics Marks

This new section includes guidance on using the V-Sabre and other key Athletics marks that reflect the fighting spirit of the Cavaliers.



Cavalier Orange

Cavalier Orange is a new addition to the brand color palette. Cavalier Orange is based on the intense orange used on athletics uniforms on the field of play and is intended only for Athletics-related apparel merchandise and applications. This new color joins the institutional color system alongside the existing Rotunda Orange and Jefferson Blue.



Business Cards

A new version of each business card design is now available with room for longer titles.


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We hope you find these new materials helpful. And please continue to share your ideas and feedback with us.


The University Communications Team




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